How to Reduce Your Cost of Sales?

From highs, the average housing price has fallen 45% according to the real estate index. In February, the fall was 5.7% over the same month of the previous year. And it is that, with the crisis, the majority of owners have been forced to lower the price of its real estate sales. Indeed, according to a survey conducted by the real estate portal, the rebate half of homeowners who were able to sell in 2014 achieved 15% of the initial price, which means an average of 43,000 euros. But, how to get the owner to lower the selling price of the property? -To negotiate, it is essential to know what is the average price of the area. Real estate index is a quick and easy way to know. See if, at the same location, properties of similar features at a lower price, can be very useful in getting a rebate. -The price of the home may be easier to negotiate if it does not have services like elevator, video intercom or Concierge. The same happens with extras such as terraces, parking lots or garages, storage areas or communal areas. How to Reduce Your Cost of Sales? -If the property is not updated, if needed reforms or have damage also is a compelling reason to adjust the selling price. It is very important to assess the status and the location of the property at the time put on the table an interesting offer. -To know the motives of the owner selling can help push the price down. When it is urgent to sell due to lack of liquidity or in cases of inheritance, tends to be more feasible to achieve a reduction in the price. -Also, it is important to know how long it takes the property for sale. If it takes many months it is usually easier to convince the owner to set a lower price. -Know if the owner has had many offers or not on the floor it may help when it comes to this lower accept to lower the price or not. -You have to be realistic with the available budget and the loan which, upon request, shall grant the Bank. However, if it is too tight but is close to the number of sale, always try contacting the owner of what is possible to pay. -Having cash money is a great incentive for homeowners that, faced with such a perspective, prefer to reduce somewhat the price. -If the expenses involved in the purchase of the property, as the payment of IBI, the community of owners or potential spill that it has planned, are high may be appealed to a rebate. That the owner can leave to take care of them as soon as possible it can be a great advantage for him. -See if it is worthwhile or not the property and assess whether the price compensates for everything that offers housing. If it is exactly what you are looking for and you can pay, it is better to accept and not risk losing it. Whatever it is, it is very important to know to negotiate peaceful and head. If he is not trained to negotiate, it is always preferable to hire a professional or real estate agency that helps this process.

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